Biscuit Automatic Packaging Line

According to the customer’s workshop layout, product variety, output and packaging requirements, EverSmart will make the most ideal design scheme, provide professional customization from biscuit rejoining or shunting transport after biscuit oven, to merging or row multiplier transport, vibration transport, and various types of automatic loaders, to realize the semi-automatic and fully-automatic production of biscuits, minimize loss and secondary pollution in the process of transport and turnover of products and improve production efficiency.

EverSmart can design various product processing solutions according to different operating procedures, including:
• Automatically connected to the sandwiching machine
• Stacking loader
• Length measuring loader
• Counting loader
• On-line tray loading system

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Product Introduction

High strength operation design

Highly professional, can easily cope with the high productivity output, can match with the oven speed of 1000 products per row per minute.

Main components of system

A typical automatic processing system has the following functions:

●Use the product dumping conveyor belt to remove substandard products. 
●Receive and guide products through guide plate and conveyor belt 
●Equivalent shunting mechanism, according to the requirements of downstream equipment, get the suitable number of rows for product 
●Turn over the products, e.g. when guide plate feeding conveyor transport the products to sandwich machine. 
●Both rollover roller type and differential type stacker can be used for stacking 
●Through airflow pulsation operation, extend or shorten the product conveyor. 
●When the maximum buffer level is reached, the product input on a single product line is refused. 
●Using vibrating conveyor belt for buffering to empty the products laid flat under the product stacker.
●The whole line is controlled through the central operating system. The speed regulation of all the zones is completed through HMI control penal. Such configuration can ensure synchronous and quick start of different zones, at the same time, it’s easy to adjust and maintain.

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