Envelope type packaging machine

  The new generation of envelope type packaging machine adopts innovative design, it can package square, cylindrical and oval products, etc. Including all kinds of packaging forms such as single packaging and combinatorial packaging. Such as biscuits, sliced bread, food boxes, perfume boxes, soaps, etc., and it can package 5-bag products so as to save packaging materials.

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Product Introduction

Standard functions
●With double row of chain feeding, feeding conveyor can be applied to different product sizes, and convenient for adjustment.
●Packaging speed: 25-50 bags/min, the packaging speed can be adjusted through variable frequency (depending on the product type, product size and specification and packaging material).
●Shutdown without material: packaging is unavailable if the products fail to enter the conveyor belt.
●The use of photoelectric tracking can always lock the packaging identification in the same place.
●High quality imported brand electrical components.

●Easy-pull line;
●Can match with length measuring loader or counting loader;
●Its downstream can match with horizontal boxing machine.

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