Cream hopper
EverSmart provides various combinations of complete sets of biscuit sandwiching systems, from a single machine to fully-automatic matching systems, its products include: biscuit feeder, automatic feeding system, biscuit sandwiching machine, rollover device, row merging device, row multiplier, stacker, counting loader, cream feeding system;
EverSmart’s biscuit sandwiching machine is universal, it can deal with the biscuits with different sizes and shapes (even mini sandwiching biscuits and the biscuits with special shapes), as well as a wide range of fillings (jam, chocolate, pineapple sauce, nougat, cream, etc.); at the same time, EverSmart provides double-color sandwiching system, three- layer biscuit sandwiching system and other diversified selections.

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Product Introduction
●All the parts of the contact cream are made of SUS304 material;
●Cream hopper circular design, configure 1 sets or 2 sets of cream pump, cream hopper made by an independent motor drive, cream pump respectively by Independent motor drive;
●Movable cream hopper and the host split design are easy for cleaning;
●Cream hopper of all stainless steel and double mixing blades;
●Gear pump of all stainless steel, cream feeding pipe and fittings;
●Capacity of feeding hopper: 150L;
●Interlining charging hopper and feeding pipe have thermostat;
●Discharge head (with thermostat) has discharge die of stainless steel which can be quickly replaced.
●Feeding rate can achieve individual adjustment or joint controlling with the host.

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